Xbox One Is Great as a Video Conference Tool for Small Businesses, Microsoft Says

Companies can invest in the Xbox One as it has lots of hidden features

Microsoft has started promoting clever uses for its upcoming Xbox One next-generation console, emphasizing the fact that it can be a great video conference and networking solution, thanks to apps like Skype, SkyDrive, or Internet Explorer, not to mention Smartglass.

The Xbox One has been going through some troubled periods ever since its reveal back in May, with Microsoft first explaining its entertainment features and then actually talking about games and services for it, while eliminating the criticized security restrictions that prevented used games from being traded in and played like on the Xbox 360.

Now, in order to attract new consumers, Microsoft has posted a helpful guide on its website, highlighting the different roles an Xbox One could play for a small business.

The console can easily act as a video conference system, thanks to Skype, and through other applications like Internet Explorer, SkyDrive, or Smartglass, businesses can use it during presentations or for networking with other devices.

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