Xbox One Has Sign-In Issues, Microsoft Is Investigating UPDATED

The problems might be linked to the Titanfall launch

The team at Microsoft working on the Xbox One home consoles acknowledges that the device is experiencing sign-in issues for some users and is currently investigating the cause of the problem and searching for a solution.

The information comes from the official Twitter account of the company and does not offer any details on how much of the player community is currently affected or when the problem might be eliminated.

For a player who is unable to sign into Xbox Live from the Xbox One home console, a wide array of services are unavailable and if he is also paying for the Gold tier, he is also unable to play multiplayer matches.

The issue might be linked to server overload, which happens because of the launch of Titanfall, the new shooter from developer Respawn Entertainment and publisher Electronic Arts.

Microsoft has bet a lot on the launch of the game and will be working as fast as possible in order to make sure that all those who buy it can access and enjoy the new experience.

The game is also being offered on the PC at the moment.

If the US launch is causing problems, then in two days Microsoft might be under even more pressure as Titanfall also becomes available in Europe.

UPDATE: The company has managed to solve all the problems and says the Xbox One should be ready to more Titanfall action.

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