Xbox One Games at E3 Ran on Windows 7 PCs with Nvidia Graphics Cards – Report

Two photos confirm that Microsoft brought PCs to E3 2013

The Xbox One games that were showcased at E3 2013 this week didn't run on early versions of the console or at least on developer kits.

A couple of photos have popped up showing that the games were running on PCs that were powered by Windows 7 and used Nvidia graphics cards.

Microsoft allowed E3 2013 attendants to try out many Xbox One games at its booth, as the company set up different demo stations composed of large cabinets, an Xbox One controller, and a HDTV screen.

Inside the cabinets wasn't an Xbox One, not even an early version or a developer edition, but actually a large gaming PC.

According to two separate photos spotted on Twitter and NeoGAF, the PCs ran the Windows 7 operating system and appeared to have powerful Nvidia graphics cards inside.

This is rather shocking, considering the actual Xbox One uses AMD hardware for both the GPU and CPU and Windows 8 as the basis of its operating system.

Microsoft hasn't commented on the photos and neither have developers.


Xbox one games at E3 (2 Images)

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