Xbox One Games Will Still Be Playable After the Next-Gen Xbox Appears

Microsoft won't shut down Xbox One servers and leave games unplayable

Microsoft has confirmed that its online system regarding the activation of and access to Xbox One games will still be in place after the console is replaced by its potential successor, so owners shouldn't be worried about losing their games.

The Xbox One has some harsh policies regarding the activation of games for the console, and owners must connect to the Internet every 24 hours to actually play them.

While something like this won't be a problem during the lifecycle of the Xbox One, many potential owners are worried about Microsoft and how it could eventually shut down all the console servers and leave games unplayable.

That won't happen, as Microsoft's Larry Hryb said on Reddit that the online system is designed for flexibility.

"We haven't even started this generation, so it's kind of early to talk about the end of the generation. That's certainly something we would not do. That's not the way the system is designed. It's designed for flexibility. But let's get the system out there first."

Considering the reliance on online servers for the Xbox One, it's going to be interesting to see just how flexible the next-gen console will be.

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