Xbox One Dashboard Won't Have Ads on the Home Screen

The console's interface won't display any intrusive ads, according to Microsoft

Microsoft has apparently confirmed through a leaked document that the Xbox One dashboard won't see any ads displayed on the home screen.

The Xbox 360's recent interface redesign sparked many complaints from owners due to the huge amount of ads that are being pushed down their throats, even if they have a premium Gold subscription.

For the Xbox One, Microsoft is apparently looking to reduce the amount of ads, at least according to a leaked PR document found on Pastebin via Superannuation.

One of the questions addressed by the document is the presence of ads on the Xbox One dashboard.

"We designed the Xbox One dashboard to make your favorite games and entertainment even more front and center. Advertisements will not be visible on the home screen, so you only see what’s most important to you."

As you can see in the image above, posted by Microsoft last month, there will still be some form of recommendations in terms of entertainment on the Xbox One dashboard.

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