Xbox One Cloud Makes the Console Four Times More Powerful

Cloud processing expands the power of the next-gen device, according to Microsoft

Microsoft has just detailed how important the cloud-based computing system will be for the next-generation Xbox One console, as it will effectively make the device four times more powerful than it actually is.

Xbox One was revealed to the world earlier this week and Microsoft emphasized the power of the next-gen console's hardware, thanks to an 8-core CPU and 8GB of RAM.

Besides the components from inside the console, the Xbox One will also be aided by cloud processing, thanks to the special system set in place by Microsoft.

According to its Australian spokesperson, Adam Pollington, the cloud will make the Xbox One effectively four times more powerful.

"It’s also been stated that the Xbox One is ten times more powerful than the Xbox 360, so we’re effectively 40 times greater than the Xbox 360 in terms of processing capabilities [using the cloud]. If you look to the cloud as something that is no doubt going to evolve and grow over time, it really spells out that there’s no limit to where the processing power of Xbox One can go," he told Stevivor.

These are some big claims for Microsoft and it's going to be interesting to see if the Xbox One's power can be augmented through the cloud.

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