Xbox One Cloud Aids in Graphics Rendering, AI, Japanese Exec Says

Microsoft Japan is hyping up the cloud compute feature in the new console

Microsoft Japan's Consumers & Partners Group Director, Nobuyoshi Yokoi, has revealed that the Xbox One cloud processing feature can aid it not just in AI work but also in terms of graphics rendering, seemingly hinting at a possible evolution of the service.

Ever since the Xbox One was revealed last year, Microsoft has proudly touted the importance of the cloud compute system that uses more than 300,000 servers around the world thanks to the Azure cloud system owned by the company.

While the system has been used by titles like Forza Motorsport 5 or Titanfall, many gamers are still reticent about the power of the cloud.

According to Microsoft Japan's Nobuyoshi Yokoi, who talked with 4Gamer, the cloud can help the Xbox One triple its power and even aid it in graphics processing.

It's unclear whether or not Yokoi is mistaken or knows something about possible enhancements to the cloud system that are underway behind closed doors.

The company has been trying to improve the performance of the console in recent times, releasing a new software update for the devkit edition that frees up more GPU power for game developers to use as they see fit.

Expect to see more efforts from Microsoft to close the power gap between the Xbox One and the beefier PS4.

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