Xbox One Basic Edition Will Drop Kinect, Sell for 379.99 Dollars or Euro – Report

The image might be a fake or sign of a new Microsoft strategy

A new image that seems taken from the Microsoft official store has leaked, apparently showing that the company is planning to announce and then launch a Basic Edition of the Xbox One, which will sell for 379.99 dollars or Euro.

The new version of the next-gen console will not include the Kinect motion tracking system but would otherwise be identical to the currently announced console.

The image posted on the NeoGAF forums does not have an official source and many gamers claim that it is a fake given Microsoft’s stance that Kinect is essential to the Xbox One.

But the company implemented a big change of strategy when it comes to DRM for its device and it might be willing to also sacrifice Kinect in order to get a lower price than the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

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