Xbox Live Reportedly Attacked with DDoS, Users Experiencing Connectivity Issues

It appears that it's Microsoft's turn now, after yesterday's attack on PSN

After the PlayStation Network was assaulted by an online hacking group, rendering many services and games unplayable for Sony customers, it’s apparently Microsoft’s turn to be hit by DDoS attacks.

Many users have reported issues when signing in or trying to utilize Xbox Live services, on both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 platforms.

Furthermore, the Xbox Support page reads that the Social and Gaming services are limited on both of Microsoft’s platforms, but the core Xbox Live services are now up and running, and users can purchase and use content, as well as browse the Internet and enjoy TV, music and video content.

The issues seem not to be as widespread as in Sony’s case, when the PlayStation Network was down for a great portion of the Japanese corporation’s users, and there is no word from Microsoft confirming or denying whether the network connectivity problems are related to any DDoS attacks or other such activity.

This might mean that either Microsoft is better protected against such assaults, or that the company is targeted by a less concerted attempt to render its services unusable, or has been preparing in advance to respond to such a situation in a more timely fashion.

We’ll keep our eyes open and come back with any further developments.

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