Xbox Live Plagued by Cloud Storage and Halo 4 Issues, Microsoft Confirms

The company is trying to solve quite a few issues at the same time

Microsoft has just confirmed that it's aware of quite a few issues that have popped up on its Xbox Live online service, including the inability to access saved games and data found in cloud storage, being unable to use Live features when playing Halo 4, or things like the Xbox Music and Video Store or the ESPN, Karaoke, or SmartGlass apps.

The Xbox Live service is a crucial component of the Xbox 360 console and Microsoft always tries to keep it in tip top shape.

Sadly, issues, can always appear and the company has tried to solve them as quickly as possible.

Now, according to the Xbox Live Support page, quite a few ongoing issues are affecting the online service.

First up, users are unable to access saved games and data stored in the cloud on the Xbox 360, the Xbox website or on Windows 8.

Halo 4 players are also encountering problems when playing the game as they're unable to access Live features.

What's more, Xbox 360 owners are also unable to browse, stream, download, or buy things from the Xbox Music and Video Store, and can't event access applications like ESPN, Karaoke, or SmartGlass.

Microsoft is trying to solve these issues as soon as possible.

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