Xbox Live Log In Offline After New DDoS Attack Today, January 4

Nefarious group DERP has once again begun unleashing attacks

The Xbox Live online service and its log in mechanic are unavailable right now after a new DDoS attack from online group DERP, which currently wants to bring offline the large Microsoft service.

Quite a few DDoS attacks have taken place in the last few days and were aimed at many gaming targets, including games, like League of Legends, but also services like Steam or the PlayStation Network.

Now, the nefarious individuals from DERP have once again started their DDoS attacks, this time aiming at the Xbox Live online service.

The first stage is apparently complete, as already many users can't log into the service, as Xbox Live displays an error, as you can see above via Twitter.

The attacks won't stop, according to DERP, so expect to see the whole network go offline at least for a certain period.

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