Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Can Get Refunds for Entertainment Apps Policy Change

Microsoft is offering refunds for a limited time until August 31

Due to the change in policy regarding entertainment applications on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One consoles, which no longer requires an active Gold subscription, Microsoft will allow current members to get refunds on their subscriptions until the end of August.

The Xbox Live Gold subscription was a controversial aspect of owning an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, as it was practically required to do anything regarding online activity, even watch streaming services like Netflix or use the Internet Explorer browser.

Fortunately, Microsoft announced a change in terms that will happen in June and allow all Xbox 360 and One owners, with or without Gold subscriptions, to access services like Netflix or Hulu, as well as features like Internet Explorer, OneDrive, and more.

However, for those who feel disappointed with this change, Microsoft is allowing them to request refunds during a limited time until the end of August.

"Once the Xbox One and Xbox 360 system updates become available in June, Xbox Live Gold members who purchased a paid membership before that day can cancel and receive a pro-rata refund of any unused remaining days between the date of cancellation and the date their paid Gold membership ends," the company said on its support page.

It's unclear what the refund will be, but you can request it after the update hits and until August 31, 2014. Bear in mind that it will require six to eight weeks for processing, according to Microsoft.

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