Xbox Live Error Code 0x807b0198 Affecting Xbox 360 Gamers Today, December 29 UPDATED

Xbox 360 owners aren't able to access save games stored in the cloud

Microsoft has confirmed that its Xbox Live online service is currently affected by a few new issues that impact the accessing of saved games stored in the cloud, as Xbox 360 owners are running into the error status code of 0x807b0198 when attempting to access content stored in the cloud.

UPDATE: Microsoft has solved this issue and is offering one month free of Xbox Live Gold to those affected by this glitch.

The winter holidays have no doubt resulted in a lot of brand new Xbox 360 owners and you can bet that lots of them are currently scouring the Xbox Live online services for bargains and deals.

Sadly, it seems that Xbox Live and the website are currently affected by a new issue relating to cloud storage.

More specifically, according to Microsoft's Xbox Live Status page, when trying to access save games stored in the cloud, users are receiving a status error code of 0x807b0198.

The company says its engineers are working hard to remedy the issue as soon as possible but it can't give a concrete time frame.

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