Xbox Live Ban Won't Take Your Xbox One Games Away, Microsoft Says

Multiplayer access will be suspended, but games will still be available

In an attempt to clarify earlier statements from its Support division, Microsoft just posted a new response in concern to the effect of an Xbox Live ban on the games library of an Xbox One owner.

The company confirms that access to purchased games won't be blocked.

Potential Xbox One owners were disappointed to hear over the weekend that a ban issued for an Xbox Live account would stop users from accessing the Xbox One games they bought.

According to Microsoft's Larry Hryb, who spoke on Reddit, the statement wasn't based on valid info, and he revealed that, in the case of a ban issued on Xbox Live, users will lose access to things like multiplayer access.

They'll still be able to play the games they bought and have in their library, so people shouldn't be afraid of any serious repercussions from getting banned on the Xbox One's Xbox Live service.

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