Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 Will Revive Console Sector

Use of physical disks will continue to decline this year

The International Data Corporation believes that home consoles will not disappear and that the sector will see a rebound in 2014, when both Sony and Microsoft will have launched their new home consoles.

A new report from the analysis company states, “Historical norms strongly imply that game disc revenue will stop bleeding in 2013 and rise substantively in 2014.”

The company believes that alternative platforms will fail to challenge the supremacy of home consoles in the coming years.

IDC also believes that physical disks will be the main way of delivering video games to players.

They will see a decline of about 3 percent in both 2013 and 2014, but digital distribution will fail to become a mainstream alternative.

The launch of the Wii U from Nintendo has failed to revive the market in the United States during December and the overall decline of the industry continues.

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