Xbox 720 Won't Allow Games to Be Played Without a Constant Online Connection, Report Says

The console will suspend a game or app if the internet is interrupted

Another day, another Xbox 720 report, this time with a new rumor about the console's constant online connection requirement, saying that the next generation console won't even allow users to start games or applications if their internet isn't working.

The Xbox 720, unlike Sony's PlayStation 4, is still being kept under a shroud of mystery by Microsoft although lots of rumors have started to appear in recent months.

The latest arrives from Kotaku and sheds some more light on the possible mandatory internet connection requirement of the new console.

According to the website's sources, the Xbox 720 must be constantly connected to the internet in order to even allow users to play games or access applications.

While the console will allow for connections to be dropped once a game or app is running, after a certain period, currently at 3 minutes, it will suspend the game or app and start a network troubleshooter program.

As of yet, Microsoft still isn't commenting about its next-gen device.

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