Xbox 720 to Be Revealed in April or Later, Says Analyst

The new Microsoft console will include a structure similar to the PlayStation 4

Michael Pachter, who is watching the video game industry for Wedbush Morgan, says that he’s expecting the Xbox 720 gaming consoles from Microsoft to be officially revealed during April or even later, as the company finalizes its hardware structure.

In a report quoted by VG247 he states, “We think Microsoft is unlikely to formally announce its next-generation console until April or later, and the company may wait until E3 in early June.”

He adds, “We think that Microsoft is likely to structure its unveiling similarly to Sony’s, but expect differentiation between the two consoles.”

Until then, Sony is free to continue promoting the PlayStation 4, offering more information about its various features and adding details that haven’t been presented at the official reveal event.

The PlayStation 4 is expected to launch before Christmas, although dates for the European market are disputed at the moment.

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