Xbox 720 Is Lagging Behind PlayStation 4 in Video Game Development – Source

Microsoft has been forced to cancel a number of internal titles

A source suggests that Microsoft is having trouble creating a solid launch line-up of video games for its upcoming Xbox 720, being about six months behind its projected schedule despite the fact that the new platform is expected to launch before the end of the year.

Kotaku cites an anonymous whistleblower as saying that the company has recently been forced to end development on a number of projects because of concerns linked to quality.

At the same time, Microsoft is aggressively recruiting third-party development, which might explain why Respawn is moving its Titan game on the Xbox 720.

Sony, on the other hand, seems to have completed hardware design on the PlayStation 4 and has revealed a number of high-profile titles that will be available on launch.

Microsoft will hold an official reveal event for the Xbox 720 on May 21.

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