Xbox 720 Is Called "Xbox Now!" – Report

The next-gen Xbox has a suite of instantaneous services

Microsoft is set to debut the next-generation Xbox home console tomorrow, May 21, and a fresh rumor has just surfaced on the web, confirming that the new device is presumably called Xbox Now! in reference to its array of instantaneous services.

The new Xbox has received a variety of rumored names in the past few months, as apparently Microsoft isn't going to adopt the Xbox 720 designation.

Instead, reports have claimed that the console is called Xbox Fusion or Xbox Infinity.

Now, a new rumor has surfaced on the /v/ forum of 4chan, via NeoGAF, in which an employee of Rare, a Microsoft-owned studio that's making a game for the next-gen console, has confirmed that the device is called Xbox Now!

Apparently, the new console has a suite of instantaneous services, and Xbox Now! will be a sentence that can turn it on in a few seconds, thanks to its all-new Kinect sensor.

The outer design borrows heavily from the current Xbox 360, although it also sports a "Now!" label on the side.

The report is sketchy, to say the least, but Microsoft could go anywhere with the name of its next-gen Xbox.

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