Xbox 720 Has Better Voice Recognition, Wakes on Command, Report Says

Improved speech recognition is included in the next-gen Xbox

A brand new report has appeared online concerning the next-generation Xbox console (aka the Xbox 720), this time with a rumor claiming that Microsoft is adding a vastly improved speech recognition technology inside the new device, allowing owners to simply start it up by saying a voice command.

The Xbox 720 might be revealed to the world at E3 2013, based on Microsoft's own teaser campaigns, but already many reports have appeared online, hinting at all sorts of features baked into the new console, like an anti-used gaming technology.

Now, The Verge has just posted a fresh report that claims the next generation Xbox 720 features better speech recognition.

This will allow the next Xbox console to be turned on by using a voice command, something impossible with the Xbox 360, and to even support things like speech-to-text, allowing owners to skip using the old on-screen keyboard.

As of yet, however, nothing official is known about the next-gen Xbox 720.

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