Xbox 720 Gets New Leaked Technical Specifications, Has IBM CPU, Custom GPU

The next-gen console from Microsoft has 12GB of RAM split for the GPU and CPU

One day before the official reveal of the next-generation Xbox, another report has surfaced on the web, this time with new leaked tech specs of the so-called Xbox 720 (which is currently being rumored under the Xbox Now! name).

The next Xbox will be showcased by Microsoft at a special event at its Redmond, Washington campus tomorrow, May 21.

Until then, fresh reports have surfaced online, this time with a new one from Xbox-Scene, which claims to be in property of updated technical specifications of the next-gen console.

Apparently, the device has a whopping 12GB of RAM, with 4GB GDDR5 being reserved for the GPU, while the 8-core custom IBM CPU has 8GB of GDDR5.

The GPU is the first GCN 2.0 model produced and was designed by a team of experts from Microsoft, IBM, and AMD.

An IBM spokesperson will be present at the May 21 event and will reveal that the graphics processor is capable of a whopping 4.9 Teraflops of power, which is a bit farfetched, to say the least.

As of yet, Microsoft still isn't commenting on these reports so fans will have to sit tight until tomorrow.

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