Xbox 720 Games Require Online Activation, Eliminate Used Games Situation

A new report claims Microsoft is wiling to abandon gamers without internet connections

A brand new report has appeared on the web, this time revealing that games for the upcoming Xbox 720 (aka the next Xbox console) will require online activation, just like current-day PC titles, in order to eliminate the used games issue that is affecting developers, publishers, and even platform manufacturers like Microsoft itself.

Next-generation consoles are expected to be revealed to the world this year, as Sony is counting down to a big announcement on February 20, while Microsoft is teasing a special reveal that's going to take place at E3 2013 this summer.

Now, after hearing plenty of rumors about both devices, Edge has cited inside sources that claim the Xbox 720 games will require owners of the new console to activate their copies online by introducing a special code, just like how PC gamers are required to do with their own titles.

Apparently, Microsoft wants to make the Xbox Live online service an integral and mandatory part of the next console so all games will be tied to the accounts of the device's owners.

According to the report, Microsoft is willing to drive away customers without permanent online connections with this requirement, as it believes there are in the minority nowadays.

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