Xbox 720 Electronic Arts Exclusivity Deal Might Be Announced by Microsoft

EA games or DLC for EA titles might appear first on the Xbox 720 and then on PS4

Microsoft is expected to present the Xbox 720 next-generation console at a conference in April and now a new report claims that the company will also unveil a special exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts for the new device.

The PlayStation 4 was revealed to the world last week and now all eyes are on Microsoft, as the company is getting ready to confirm a special event in April dedicated to the Xbox 720 next-generation console.

Now, a new report has appeared, via CVG, claiming that Microsoft will announce an exclusivity deal with Electronic Arts.

The details are scarce, so it's unknown if the deal will consist of DLC that will appear exclusively for a certain time on the Xbox 720 or even games that will appear first on the new Microsoft console and then on other platforms, like the PlayStation 4.

You can expect to hear lots of other leaked details about the Xbox 720 as we get closer to the presumed conference in April.

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