Xbox 720 CPU Gets Leaked Specifications, Emphasizes Content and Features

The processor's architecture remains the same in order to make things easy for developers

After hearing quite a few leaked details about Microsoft's next-generation console, the so-called Xbox 720, a brand new report has appeared, this time going in depth with the technical specifications of the custom CPU made by AMD that powers the device.

The Xbox 720 is eagerly awaited by millions of current Xbox 360 owners, as many are looking forward to interacting with the next-gen platform.

The actual console, codenamed Durango, has also been the subject of many leaks and reports.

The latest one arrives from VGleaks, in the form of a technical report that emphasizes the architecture of the Xbox 720's CPU and how it's quite familiar to that seen on PCs or on the Xbox 360.

Apparently, Microsoft's strategy is to keep the basic hardware architecture so that developers can more easily add content and features into games for the Xbox 720, instead of trying to actually make them work on the new console.

According to recent rumors, Microsoft will reveal the Xbox 720 at a special event in April.

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