Xbox 720 Announcement Coming This April, Reports Say

Microsoft doesn't want to wait until E3 2013 in June, apparently

The announcement of the Xbox 720, Microsoft's own next-generation console, might be made this April, as a couple of reports have surfaced claiming that the large corporation is setting up a special conference ahead of the E3 2013 one in June.

Sony surprised a lot of people when it revealed its PlayStation 4 console at a special press conference earlier this week, as many were expecting the company to present its next-gen console at E3 2013, just like Microsoft will do, at least according to its own teasers.

Now, after the reveal of the PS4, Microsoft is reportedly trying to set up an event in April in which it's going to showcase the next generation Xbox.

According to both CVG and VG247, the corporation is still in the early stages of planning and won't confirm its plans anytime soon.

As of yet, Microsoft hasn't commented on its possible plans.

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