Xbox 360 and PS3 Battlefield 3 Server Downtime Starts Today at 22 PST

Gamers will get an overall improved multiplayer experience

The development team at DICE announces that the Xbox 360 and the PlayStation 3 servers for the first-person shooter Battlefield 3 will be down tonight starting with 22 Pacific Standard Time, in order to allow the studio to migrate servers.

European gamers will also be affected from 6 AM GMT on Tuesday the 29th.

DICE says that it will improve the overall Battlefield 3 online play experience, but gives no specifics on the changes it will introduce.

Those who are leasing multiplayer servers will have to update their contract after the server migration.

The first-person shooter was launched in late 2011 and since then, the developer has continued to offer major expansions for the game and smaller multiplayer-focused experiences.

The studio has already confirmed that it is in the early stages of development for Battlefield 4.

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