XNA Canceled, Microsoft Has Plans for Indie Developers

A new service might be announced alongside the next-gen home console

The Microsoft team in charge of the Xbox 360 home console confirms that it is closing down development on the XNA suite and that it has other long-term plans for the indie community.

A representative of the company tells Polygon that, “XNA Game Studio remains a supported toolset for developing games for Xbox 360, Windows and Windows Phone. Many developers have found financial success creating Xbox LIVE Indie Games using XNA. However, there are no plans for future versions of the XNA product.”

An e-mail message uncovered last week suggested that XNA Game Studios would be closed down on April 1, 2014.

A number of indie developers were disappointed by the closure of XNA.

Microsoft will probably uncover a new initiative aimed at them when it reveals the next generation of home console it is working on.

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