XCOM Will Get Awesome DLC During 2013

The team plans to introduce more complex missions with linked stories

Jake Solomon, the leader of the development team working on XCOM: Enemy Unknown, says that the game will get a lot more downloadable content in 2013, with more ambitious ideas and execution than the recently launched Second Wave and Slingshot packages.

The developer tells Polygon, “We do have more content coming in 2013. We’re working on something really awesome.”

Apparently, it will take time to create the new content, which suggests that it represents an important expansion to the game world and mechanics.

Solomon described Slingshot, which offered a new operative and three chained missions, as being limited.

Second Wave has just been launched for XCOM: Enemy Unknown and allows players to activate a number of new options in order to increase the realism level of the game and to give them more variety during the turn-based battles.

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