XCOM: Enemy Within Brings New Maps for Different Mission Types

Levels will be much more varied this time around, according to the developer

Firaxis, the studio behind the upcoming XCOM: Enemy Within expansion for last year's XCOM: Enemy Unknown, has confirmed that the add-on brings lots of new maps that are suited to various mission types, from abduction to crashed UFO ones.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown impressed not just through great gameplay but also mission diversity although, unfortunately, the maps weren't that varied.

With XCOM: Enemy Within, the upcoming expansion, Firaxis wants to bring lots of new maps that will make the game much more varied.

"We’ve added a lot of maps, and they do support some of the new mission types we’ve added, as well as work for the abduction missions. We’ve got some new terror and crashed-UFO maps as well (my favorite crashed UFO now is one that is in an urban area)," Firaxis' Lead Designer Ananda Gupta told PS blog.

As such, fans will be able to spend much more time with the game once the expansion arrives.

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