XCOM: Enemy Unknown Gets Facebook-Based Memorial Wall

Gamers can remember the soldiers they have lost during the fight

The development team at Firaxis in charge of XCOM: Enemy Unknown have launched a new Facebook memorial wall which allows players to remember all the soldiers that have fallen as they tried to stop the alien threat.

The slogan that Firaxis has put together is “Though they are gone, they are not forgotten” and gamers will be able to choose the armor and the weapon that the memorialized soldier will have, presumably the same ones that he was using when he was killed.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown players can also add cause of death, name, nationality and overall states for the killed operatives.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown can be a very difficult game, especially in the early stages, and quite a lot of casualties are expected before gamers manage to salvage some alien tech and even the odds.

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