Worms Revolution for PC Updated with Player Profiles and More

Developers also included the option to turn shadows off

It's been only a few days since Team17 Digital released the Worms Revolution Mars DLC Pack, and now the original game is getting its first patch.

The first update for Worms Revolution brings several major changes, including improvements and bug fixes.

Firstly, developers added Player Profiles, which means players will be able to create a new profile by selecting the respective option within the Customization menu. Keep in mind that each profile will have its own single-player progress and team customization.

Secondly, there's a new option that allows players to change the quality of shadows or even turn them off entirely. In addition, the Ninja Rope auto-hop has been improved as well.

The update also adds several bug fixes. For the full list of changes you might want to check out the official announcement.

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