World of Warcraft Update 5.2 The Thunder King Gets Official Video, Out Soon

Check out all the great new content coming to WoW with its next update

Blizzard has just released a special trailer for its next big patch for World of Warcraft, in the form of update 5.2, also known as The Thunder King.

World of Warcraft has once again seen a decrease in its number of subscribers, but this doesn't mean that developer Blizzard is giving up on its popular online role-playing game.

The studio is now preparing to release the final version of World of Warcraft update 5.2, which has been available on the public test realm for quite some time.

In order to promote the big patch, which is also known as The Thunder King, a brand new video has been released, focusing heavily on the new villain, Lei Shen The Thunder King, as well as on the new adventures that will be available for all high-level players.

From new locations, to a new ride and various other events, not to mention factions or bosses, the new update brings something for all World of Warcraft players.

As such, check out the video about the new update above.

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