World of Warcraft Players Raise $2.3 Million (€1.73 Million) for Sandy Relief

Lots of players have bought the Cinder Kitten pet for their accounts

Blizzard has confirmed that World of Warcraft players have managed to raise over $2.3 million (€1.73 million) for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts by buying the special Cinder Kitter pet in the game.

Superstorm Sandy hit New York City hard last year and left a lot of people in dire needs. As such, Blizzard revealed a special pet for World of Warcraft players and promised that all the proceeds would go to helping out Sandy relief efforts.

Now, the studio has confirmed via its blog that over $2.3 million (€1.73 million) have been raised as lots of World of Warcraft players bought the Cinder Kitten pet for their characters in order to help hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

All the proceeds have been donated by Blizzard to the Red Cross and World of Warcraft players have once again showed their support when it came to helping others in dire needs.

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