World of Warcraft Might Get Defense of the Alehouse MOBA-Themed Battleground

A DotA-based environment is coming to the MMO via a future update

World of Warcraft, the hugely successful online role-playing game from Blizzard might get a special update soon that brings a new battleground called Defense of the Alehouse, which makes clever references to the popular Defense of the Ancients Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) mod.

DotA started life as a custom mod for Warcraft III, but it quickly kicked off a great sub-genre of the strategy one, which soon saw the release of extremely popular experiences like League of Legends or the upcoming Dota 2.

Now, Blizzard, besides working on its own MOBA title, Blizzard All-Stars, is apparently preparing a special battleground for World of Warcraft called Defense of the Alehouse.

As you can see in the rough video above, via Adriacraft, files for the new PvP battlefield have been found among the ones for the upcoming patch 5.2 for World of Warcraft.

As of yet, nothing is official as Blizzard hasn't commented on the next additions to its popular MMORPG.

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