World of Warcraft Introduces Armored Bloodwing Flesh-Eating Mount

The team wants to introduce more unique items in the future

Blizzard is announcing that gamers who are currently enjoying their World of Warcraft MMO can now get access to an entirely new mount, called Armored Bloodwing, one of the more interesting additions to the game universe.

The new mount can be obtained from the official store and comes with a price tag of 25 dollars or Euro.

The official description says, “This monstrous, flesh-eating bat is the perfect companion for trips that call for death and destruction.”

Once purchased, Armored Bloodwing will be available for all characters that are created using a player’s account.

Activision has recently announced that World of Warcraft has seen a drop in its subscription numbers.

Blizzard says that it is rebooting its future Titan MMO, which will be delayed to 2016, as the company is seeking to explore new core features.

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