World of Tanks Xbox 360 Update 1.1 Now Available, Brings Crews, New Map, Tanks

The Xbox 360 edition of the free-to-play game has fresh content

Wargaming has confirmed that World of Tanks on the Xbox 360 has just received update 1.1, which brings a brand new Crews feature to the game as well as a new map and five impressive tanks.

World of Tanks is a true global phenomenon on the free-to-play market for PC, and recently Wargaming has finally brought its tank simulator to the Xbox 360 platform.

Since then, it's been listening to feedback from users and has confirmed that some of their requires are being addressed with the new World of Tanks Xbox 360 edition update 1.1, which is already available for download via the Xbox Live online service.

The patch includes, according to the official website, a new map called Himmelsdorf, as well as five different British tanks, in the form of the Cromwell, the Comet, the Centurion I, the Centurial 7/1, and the FV4202.

What's more, the new patch finally enables the Crews system, which allows players to actually get partially or fully trained soldiers inside their tanks and upgrade their skills in different ways to complement their own play styles.

Update 1.1 for World of Tanks Xbox 360 edition is already available for download worldwide. Bear in mind that, while the game is free-to-play, it requires a premium Xbox Live Gold membership due to Microsoft's restrictions on online multiplayer.

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