World of Tanks Update 8.3 Introduces Chinese Tanks

There are 17 vehicles for players to use in the MMO

The development team at Wargaming is introducing Chinese tanks to the MMO World of Tanks via Update 8.3, which is at the moment live in Europe and in South East Asia.

Those playing in North America will get access to the same content tomorrow and Korean players will have to wait until January 21.

The Chinese side of the game gets access to 17 war machines and the most interesting of them is the Type 97 Chi-Ha.

The country was under heavy assault by the Japanese during World War II and that means that they got most of their tanks from other Allied powers.

The Type 97 Chi-Ha is designed to resemble Soviet tanks, with a lot of armor, fast movement and very accurate main guns.

World of Tanks is free-to-play and committed players can spend money to get access to more efficient tanks and crews.

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