World of Tanks Gets Soviet and British Tank Destroyers in Update 8.4

German players also get access to three new light tanks

By on February 8th, 2013 14:37 GMT

World of Tanks is set to get Update 8.4 soon and gamers who play the tank-based MMO will be able to get access to a number of new vehicles to control, four re-made maps and a new tutorial that explains the core game mechanics.

Tank destroyers are being added to the line-ups for the British and Soviet armies, including the Universal Carrier QF 2, the A39 Tortoise and the SU-100Y tank destroyer.

German players also get access to three new light tanks.

The new modified maps are: Steppes, Fisherman's Bay, Ensk and Live Oaks.

Mike Zhivets, a producer working on World of Tanks, states, “Update 8.4 will mark the second British invasion in World of Tanks, strengthening the nation's tank choices with formidably armed tank busters. This new line of ironclads will really showcase the ultimate evolution of the British tank destroyer design, from highly maneuverable gun carries to mammoth land cruisers.”

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