World of Tanks Gets New Maps and Tank Destroyers with 7.2 Update

Players will be able to experience new turreted vehicles has announced that it has launched the 7.2 update for World of Tanks, its free-to-play World War II era multiplayer title that allows tank lovers to do battle using period-specific vehicles.

The update introduces two new maps, called American Live Oaks and Italian Province, and 22 new crew skills and perks that can be added to any of the in-game military men.

There are also new United States tank destroyers with rotating turrets to use, with fresh strategies for players to learn and master.

World of Tanks now includes more than 50 vehicles drawn from all the nations that took part in the war.

Victor Kislyi, the chief executive officer at, stated, „We introduced a French update into World of Tanks a few months ago, and now it's North America's turn. We've completely reconsidered the set of crew skills in Update 7.2, which will bring a more realistic experience to our players and keep them engaged.”

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