World of Mercenaries Offers AAA Shooter Experience for Free

Developers will use the Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games

Video game developer City Interactive SA has announced that it is working on the first AAA first-person shooter that will be offered to players using a free-to-play model, called World of Mercenaries, which will be created using the Unreal Engine 3 tech and will be distributed using Steam.

City Interactive has previously worked on Sniper: Ghost Warrior, but it seems that World of Mercenaries will be a pretty different experience, emphasizing over the top action and the multiplayer aspect over careful preparation and stealth attacks.

Bogdan Oprescu, who is the executive producer for World of Mercenaries, stated, “Our veteran team is comprised of some of the most devoted FPS fans in the world and we’re excited to use our knowledge and experience to fuse the best elements of previously released games in the genre with new and exciting advancements – be it in terms of graphics, controls or skill based game play.”

The company says that it will have a beta stage for World of Mercenaries and gladly take feedback from those interested in the game.

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