Wolf Among Us Already Has a Spoiler-Filled Episode 3 Trailer

Gamers should play currently available content first

Video game developer Telltale Games might have just launched the season episode for The Wolf Among Us but the team is already teasing the third piece of content linked to the Fables inspired series via a new trailer.

There are some serious spoilers included and those who have yet to play the game should stay clear.

Telltale Games has already said that it had some problems with the development of the second episode for The Wolf Among Us and believes that future launches should be delivered faster.

The company is currently also working on the second full season for The Walking Dead, with a second episode coming up.

At the same time it has two other smaller teams that are laying the groundwork for Tales from the Borderlands and for a series based around the Game of Thrones television series that HBO has created.

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