Winter Voices Episode 5: Overflow Now Out on Steam

The expansion pack requires the Winter Voices base game

Indie developer inner seas has just released the fifth expansion pack for its Winter Voices saga. The indie RPG title was launched on the PC platform about two years ago, but it got loads of negative reviews.

Anyway, Winter Voices Episode 5: Overflow is now available for download for 4.49 EUR via Steam. Check it out here.

According to developers, the add-on introduces new battle mechanics and new recruitable NPC: “what would happen if your energy bar wasn't refilled when a new battle starts? If enemies could suddenly close the gap between you and them? Overflow trials are coming!”

Keep in mind that Winter Voices maintains the “point and click” real-time gaming combined with rigid defensive turn-based combat. As the players advance in the game, they will experience something called “turn-based psychic warfare.”

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