Windows 7 Gets Some DirectX 11.1 Features via Update

DirectX 11.1 apparently won't be exclusive to Windows 8

After confirming that DirectX 11.1 will be exclusive to Windows 8, Microsoft has apparently broken down and released a few of 11.1’s features onto the Windows 7 operating system.

DirectX is Microsoft’ special technology that basically allows video games to run on Windows-powered PCs.

All operating systems have arrived with new versions of the technology but, unlike Windows 7’s DirectX 11, which was brought to the previous Vista system, Windows 8’s DirectX 11.1 apparently won’t be released for Windows 7, at least judging by a previous statement from Microsoft.

However, the company has now revealed via its MSDN blog that some DirectX 11.1 features are available for Windows 7, as part of an update (KB 2670838) or as part of a special Internet Explorer 10 release preview.

While it seems that the new technology won’t be fully released for the older operating system, gamers should still be thrilled to see that Microsoft won’t simply force them to upgrade to Windows 8 in order to take advantage of all the newest features in future video games.

You can check out the full technical details and what actual functions have been added to Windows 7 at the aforementioned Microsoft website.

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