Wildman Is Big Bet for Gas Powered Games, Says Chris Taylor

The developer wants to create a big commercial hit

Chris Taylor, the leader of developer Gas Powered Games, says that the recently announced Wildman video game project is a big bet for his company, but not the first time that he took a big chance in order to create an interesting title.

The boss of GPG tells Gamasutra, “I've bet my company on Dungeon Siege, going from 1 to 2, I bet it on Supreme Commander, I bet it on pretty much every big game we've ever made. And that's the name of the game, to take risks, as an independent developer.”

He admits that many other studios have failed when trying to innovate, but Taylor believes that he and his team have the experience to deliver an interesting title.

Wildman is currently seeking funding via Kickstarter and will blend traditional action role-playing game mechanics with real-time strategy mechanics.

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