WildStar’s Elder Games System Will Deal with Level Cap Issues

Gamers will get more adventures and raids as they progress

Chad Moore, the lead narrative designer working on the upcoming MMO WildStar, says that his team has created a system called Elder Games, which will ensure that players have plenty of content to explore even after they hit the level cap.

The developer tells Destructoid that, “Most MMOs are great games, up until they’re over. When people get to the level cap, there’s not a whole lot to do.”

He adds, “There’s got to be strong support for raids, dungeons, and group PVP.”

WildStar will launch with a level cap set to 50 and after that, players will be able to access Elder Games and get special content that acknowledges the new skills of their character.

WildStar is expected to arrive at some point during 2013 and will use a mix of fantasy and science fiction elements.

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