WildStar MMO Gets New Exile Trailer, Launches in 2013

Gamers will be able to get customized content based on play style

Video game developer and publisher NCSoft announces that it will launch its new MMO called WildStar during 2013, although an exact window was not specified.

The company is also delivering a new trailer for the game, designed to show off the Exiles, the good faction of the MMO world.

Players will be able to choose a human character but also the more exotic Aurian and Granock, alongside a yet unrevealed fourth race.

WildStar takes place on the planet of Nexus, where a number of races need to find a way to survive in the middle of a galactic conflict.

NCSoft describes WildStar as a classic MMO role-playing game with an emphasis on beautiful art.

Gamers will get missions based on their own path, which they select alongside race and class when they create a WildStar character.

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