Wii U and Original Wii Generate Similar November Sales

The two devices are above the 400,000 mark in the United States

Nintendo reveals that the new Wii U home console that it launched on November 18 in the United States has managed to sell 425,000 units during its first week, which is close to the 420,000 units that the older Wii has managed during the same month.

Scott Moffitt, the executive vice president in charge of sales at Nintendo of America, states, “Wii U is off to a tremendous start in the United States, is essentially sold out at retail and has cemented its status as the ‘must-have’ product this holiday season.”

The company also says that November 2012 is the 36th month during which it sold more than 1 million units of hardware in the United States.

The 3DS handheld also performed well by moving 540,000 units to gamers, with Mario Kart 7 going over the 2 million copies sold mark.

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