Wii U Virtual Console Is About to Get Nintendo 64 Games

Nintendo's Wii U VC website suggests that several titles will be added in the future

Nintendo seems to want to deliver even more nostalgia fodder to its fans, as some Nintendo 64 classics will apparently grace the Wii U Virtual Console soon.

The info transpired from a little update to the Wii U Virtual Console website, with a blurb stating that Nintendo plans to add more Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 games.

"Check back regularly for the latest releases, including the future addition of titles from the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo 64 systems," the website boldly states, like a ghastly voice from across history.

Nintendo's previous-generation console, the Wii, featured Nintendo 64 Virtual Console games at launch, offering all its buyers the opportunity to enjoy some mad Super Mario 64 action right off the bat.

So far, the current-generation Wii U Virtual Console focused mainly on NES and SNES games, ignoring the N64 altogether.

The option to buy Game Boy Advance games was introduced to the Wii U Virtual Console this April, with the company also promising that Nintendo DS would be coming shortly.

Nintendo could also consider making a N64 controller adapter, just like the GameCube version that's coming out for Super Smash Bros., which no doubt many of its fans would appreciate.

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