Wii U Sells 308,570 Units in Japan During Launch Weekend

The console performed worse than the PlayStation 2 and the 3DS

The new Wii U home console from Nintendo reports sales of 308,570 for the launch weekend period on the Japanese market, which is significantly less than the original Wii managed during its own release window.

Data from the magazine Famitsu and Enterbrain, reported by GamesIndustry.biz, is the source for the figure and it seems that the best-selling game for the new system was New Super Mario Bros. U, which sold 170,563 copies during the same period and reported an attached rate of 55 percent.

Other games that performed well during the Wii U launch include Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Nintendo Land.

Nintendo has not confirmed the numbers via an official channel.

When the Wii was introduced, the device managed to sell 371,936 units.

Other launch figures include: 673,552 for the PlayStation 2, 371,326 for the 3DS.

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