Wii U Premium and ZombiU Bundles Sold Better than the Basic One in UK

Over 90% of customers opted for the pricier versions of the Wii U

The pricier Nintendo Wii U Premium and ZombiU bundles sold more than the lower-priced Basic one in the UK, at least according to a report from Chart Track, which claims that over 90% of launch sales consisted of the more expensive packs.

Nintendo released the Wii U in the UK and the rest of Europe last week and it seems that the general trend seen in North America, where pre-orders consisted mainly of the pricier Wii U Premium pack, has also manifested on the old continent.

According to a Chart Track report, via VideoGamer, over 60 percent of the Wii U consoles sold during launch day consisted of the 32GB Premium bundle. What's more, around 30% were the ZombiU bundle, which included the same 32GB console only with a copy of ZombiU instead of Nintendo Land.

Last but not least, there's the lower-priced Wii U Basic edition that only managed to attract 10% of the customers.

Even if analysts complained about the steep price of the Wii U, it seems that the console didn't have any problem attracting gamers.

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